TNA generate packet

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible for tofino to generate a new packet and send it back to the sender, when it receives packet from a specific sender? I am aware that TNA has a packet generator, but I couldn’t find any example of how to use it. and I am also not sure if this packet generator could generate packet for SW itself or can’t be emit it back to the sender? Thanks for any help!

Hi @Heather :slight_smile:

Please ask Tofino-related questions in the Intel Forum.

See: Intel(r) Tofino(tm) Family, TNA, and P4Studio questions

As an additional comment, it is different to modify a packet and reply (such as an ARP response or an ICMP response) and use the packet generator (it is probably used in other types of use cases). So be sure to let people know what exactly you want to achieve and they will reply you with the best solution.