Unable to receive PacketIns from Tofino switch

Dear all,
I am currently working on a project where we will use ONOS to control a Tofino1 switch. However, I am having problems in receiving PacketIn messages at ONOS, while adding rules to Tofino works fine.

The Tofino platform being used is Wedge100BF-32qs, SDE version is 9.7.2 and Stratum running as a docker container (stratumproject/stratum-bfrt:latest-9.7.2); while on the other side I am running ONOS 3.0.0. The Tofino switch and the PC where ONOS is running are both connected to a L2-switch. Moreover, I have another PC that that has two interfaces connected to port 7/0 (308) and 16/0 (0) of Tofino.

Following the fabric-tna tutorial, I am building the data plane code with make fabric-tna, and then run make pipeconf, make pipeconf-install and make netcfg. On the Tofino side, I am executing stratum in a container using ./start_stratum_container.sh -experimental_enable_p4runtime_translation -incompatible_enable_bfrt_legacy_bytestring_responses -bf_switchd_background=false.

Everything seems to go fine with the initialization, I can see the rules added to the switch. However, if I send some packet that is crafted with scapy, I do not see any PacketIn messages from the ONOS logs. To be sure, I also installed the “Reactive Forwarding” application in ONOS, which installs a rule that sends IPv4 packets to the CPU. Now, when I send dummy IPv4 packets, they all match with this rule (confirmed by the flow counters) but instead of the packet being sent out of CPU_PORT, it is basically flooded towards all the enabled ports of the switch.

Now, I really dont understand what is going on with my setup. I believe I have made an error in the initial configuration of the setup, because fabric-tna should have worked out-of-the-box.
Did anyone else have issues with setting up ONOS as the control plane of a Tofino switch? Did you have any similar issue with respect to PacketIn messages not being sent?

Best regards,

There might be someone able to help you who reads this post here. I will give you a link to another place where one can ask questions specifically about Tofino that may be helpful, and is the recommended place to ask if the question is specific to Tofino: Intel(r) Tofino™ Family, TNA, and P4Studio questions - Getting Started with P4 - P4 Programming Language