Stratum BMv2 switchOS installation in a VM


I have been doing the NGSDN tutorial and I see that that the tutorial uses a docker container with Mininet and Stratum BMv2 preinstalled. This kind of packages everything together.

I have been looking to install Stratum BMV2 directly in my VM and looked at several resources like 1 and 2 and I am not able to find instructions to install Stratum BMv2 directly on VM that has Mininet installed.

Please point me in the right direction. I am looking to build the environment in a VM with Stratum BMv2, ONOS and Mininet all installed separately and not run as docker container.

Hi @AparnaGanesan

here you can find the guide for install it “stand alone” stratum/stratum/hal/bin/bmv2 at main · stratum/stratum · GitHub or here you cna find the .deb file

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Thank you very much, @DavideS . I will try to install with the links you provided!



I was trying to build a mininet topology with StratumBmv2Switch in my Ubuntu VM as I would like use in my Ubuntu VM with xterm, hping and iperf. I find it difficult to generate packets with hping3 when I use the docker image with the setup in ngsdn tutorials. I tried using the instructions in .

I faced several errors like chassis config file cannot be opened even when I used the correct path. I was able to install the .deb file without the chassis file. While i was able to import stratum in my python code for custom topology, the “from stratum import StratumBmv2Switch” threw an error saying class not found. I also tried to install from the .deb file provided but installation was not getting completed because of some dependency issues.

All I am trying to do is install stratum directly on my Ubuntu vm and use it with the mininet, xterm, hping for my custom topology.

Is there any other resources that I can use to do this successfully? Any help or directions will be most helpful.

Thanks in advance.