P4 - BMV2 with multiqueueing and Mininet

Hello there!
I have a VM with mininet and bmv2 to run p4 codes inside the switches (it appears to be using bmv2-ss-p4org) that is running without any problems.Before using mininet, I was using a bmv2 and p4c version inside another VM from scratch, compiled and installed correctely. Inside that VM I enabled the multiqueueing options, and so it was properly working for new p4 files that supports the priority and qid fields.
I want, now, to work with multiple queues inside mininet, inside the VM I mentioned first. Has anyone worked with that before? When I tried to compile bmv2 again I had some python module dependencies (specially Thrift) problems.How should I properly use mininet with multiqueueing bmv2?

I have not personally used multi-queuing option with BMv2 and mininet all at the same time, but if you follow the instruction on the following page to build your own P4 dev tools, or download a recent “P4 Tutorials Development …” VM, it should have a properly installed Mininet and Python packages that all work together well: https://github.com/jafingerhut/p4-guide/blob/master/bin/README-install-troubleshooting.md