Getting ONOS controller container to communicate with BMV2 mn container


I am trying to connect containerized onos controller to the mn-stratum BMV2 container and am confused about how the switch and controller make the first connection, (I did the EX3 of NG-SDN Tutorial which works but I want use containerized switch and controller for my experiment) but I hope this is not a stupid question. I would appreciate help in understanding how to do that.

secondly, in the NG-SDN tutorial a netconfig was push to the controller, how can I make the netconfig file if I want set off a different topology other than the 3 switches topology used in the tutorial. did I miss that part in the tutorial.

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Here the reply getting ONOS controller container to communicate with mininet container · Issue #1098 · stratum/stratum · GitHub

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thank you for the clarification