Question about the internal compiler error


When I use the statement: hdr.out_port.outport = (bit<8>) eg_intr_md.egress_port[6:0], the following error occurs:

Internal compiler error. Please submit a bug report with your code.

But when I use hdr.out_port.outport = eg_md.port (a 8bit metadata defined myself), it can be successfully compiled. I’m confused why the previous statement gives an error.

Hi @xzc1015,

Any time there is an error or specific question about Tofino we always suggest asking in the forum I mentioned in the previous post. Not sure if anyone will (but someone might) give you a specific answer as this seems to be specific to the compiler of Intel, which is addressed in their forum as far as I understand. Please visit the forum/community and register, they will be able to solve your doubts :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions!