Limit of packet execution time / parsing time in V1model?

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In the Tofino Native Architecture (TNA) it has:

PARSER_ERROR_TIMEOUT_USER: (user timeout) This error occurs for a similar reason as the PARSER_ERROR_TIMEOUT_HW error. The elapsed parsing time required for this error to occur is configurable and can be set shorter than the time required for a PARSER_ERROR_TIMEOUT_HW error to occur.

PARSER_ERROR_TIMEOUT_HW: (hardware limit timeout) This error occurs if the time elapsed while parsing a packet exceeds a maximum hardware limit built into the device. This is a quite long time that no packet should require to complete parsing.

Does V1model and PSA have such a limit? Thanks

I sincerely doubt that v1model implementation in BMv2 has such a limit (but I have not read all of its implementation to be certain).

I know for a fact that the PSA specification does not require implementations to have it.

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Thank you, Andy!

I feel the same, my implementation running on BMv2 + VSS traverses the ingress parser for 40+ states and does not hit any limit yet.