Assertion `data_size + bytes <= size' failed


my bmv2 switch is receiving a short packet (less than 200 bytes) and then inserting some custom headers into that packet.
and when the total length of the modified packet exceeds a certain number (didn’t determine that number but it seems to be around 650 bytes) the packet gets dropped at the switch and in the log I see this error:

simple_switch: …/…/include/bm/bm_sim/packet_buffer.h:90: char* bm::PacketBuffer::push(size_t): Assertion `data_size + bytes <= size’ failed.

could someone please explain the meaning of this error, and any hint on how to fix?

For the ones that need an answer to this issue, check the following link. I assume the poster is the same due to the error and time of both posts:

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