How to run python scripts in P4Runtime in P4pi using Raspberry Pi

Hello I am trying to use P4pi runtime environment and get familiar with it. I have been wondering how to run python scrips for control plane implementation in the P4Pi any help is much appriciated.


The P4Pi runtime environment is based on Debian Linux for Raspberry Pi and it is very similar to the Tutorials VM (GitHub - p4lang/tutorials: P4 language tutorials). You should be able to run the same Python scripts for control plane implementation in P4Pi that you can run on Intel/AMD CPUs.

Thank you for sharing the information but I was having trouble on how to load the python scripts into P4 runtime in P4pi

The more detail you can supply on (a) exactly what steps you tried, (b) what output you saw, and (c) what you expected to happen differently, can help others try to reproduce the problem, and/or recognize any step you might have missed or done incorrectly.