Error during running Simple_Switch

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I have followed the steps mentioned in the p4pi github repository for using bmv2 in p4pi (p4pi/bmv2 at master · p4lang/p4pi · GitHub) but I am having trouble running the simple_switch in the bmv2.

Thank you.


I am not very familiar with P4PI (though I would like to be). This question is probably for someone like @radostin. Have you tried to post it to the Github repository?


Thank you for the response, @mingzzz helped me in clearing this, we have to entre the target directory and then into the simple_switch directory in which we can run the code.
But when we are trying to run in p4pi using simple_switch runtime in which the python code has p4utils dependency. We were trying to extract information from the packets using the python code but p4utils is not being supported in p4pi could you suggest us any other alternatives or solutions to solve it.

@none you can try to install p4utils in p4pi by connecting your laptop to the Raspberry Pi and use scp to upload all necessary files. Alternatively, you can use scapy to extract information from packets.