Anybody with any info about any chipmaker except intel/barefoot?!


google just gave me my daily surpriseeee XDDDDDDDDDDDD

then quickly after thisss:

in my reading it’s a whiteboxable (?) router built of some copper wires and some p4 chips in a modular chassis for 400g+ networking!!!..

and with an emulator?!?!!??

the box is valid and shipping for years, one of my nren firends bought 4 or so last year…

so for now, anybody with some info about thisss pls if it’s really p4 and the emulator on which torrent site 4me asappp?!?!?!???

nor my intel nor cisco nor nren contacts just say nothing, well not a surprise…

so im summoning once again my darknet friendz?!?.. XDD

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I cannot be 100% sure about this but the Cisco ones might be running something similar (I hope) to a Tofino 1 or 2. Maybe a totally different chip, but there is no information about this. IF they developed their own chip (let’s accept it so far until we have more information) then the information is still quite limited (see here).

I can see Hemant here making questions. No replies to him. He also maintains this list with no Cisco inside so far. Smells weird, I guess.

I am pretty sure the Nexus 34180YC was running on a Tofino 1. I really do not know a lot about these Cisco ONEs because there is almost no information out there.

Good luck

no cisco never ordered a single bf-tofino asic according to my intel contact… (*) moreover as a 2x cisco top notch eng i saw some bigger nexuses in my nren soo… they mostly a broadcom (nplang, tomahawk line ncs5k5 and upwards…) and rarely a very own silicon like the shiny asr9912 upwards…

(*): and everytime a n3k in question appears on ebay and i ask about the blue-console and the commands inside u know, all the listings disappears immediately… imho someone have some stuck units u know… :((((

so the switch>bfshell command is maybe just an emulator (demo) u know… seen that several times from the big ones… :(((( i have almost all the vnxos readily downloadable and it dont have that cli knob (ok that tos packets in dpdk, etc…)

whereas the c8k is a valid product and hopefully will arrive to my nren too and in 5-10 years they’ll eol/eos notice soo in 10-15 years it’ll be for bucks on ebay… then feel free to bounce me back here, imho i’ll have one dissected and hacked in my lab… XDDDDDDDDDDDD

edit: the big one, asic as a backplane, and now once again, rare/freertr do stacks through an arbitrary forwarder, that is…

if cisco8012 arrives and somehow an sdk leaks then it’s a whitebox modular router on our shitload afterwards for the all optical 400g-800g era, at least…

and a partner nren ordered 4 boxes so normally they already have the image… so just keep an open eye on the reverse hash search engines … maybe baidu and friends, etc… im also popcorning heavily… and cannot stop asking our local sales representatives that heyyy grab that usb and drop into my pobox somehow… XDDDD

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regarding the list, github clone sonic * and related stuffs and it have a portmap.json normally for all the supported devices on tofino (and nplang too)… those are the real boxes u know… the soldering map from the frontpanel ports to the asic…

stordis 2556 stordis 6064 (in my lab already) and the original, edgecore wedge 100g32bf… (the intel sdk+bsp that needs no patch…XDDD) and there are some others but check twice the portmap.json before ordering off ebay… for example the stordis2556 lost the first 16 1/10g ports a year ago as a core devvie from them disappeared… :((((

since then i moved to all-optical in between my stairs and mostly only those boxes of me run copper wire that only capable of tossing stuff on my dataplane in ebpf/xdp… the rest got an off-ebay dpdk compatible 4x10g nic and at least the x86-64-me cannot guess the macsec keys in use that easily… XDDDD

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Here Cisco purchasing Tofino ASICs:

“Barefoot Tofino is available through ODMs. Version 1 of the ASIC is also available from Cisco (the Nexus 34180YC) and Arista (the 7170).”. This was before INTEL purchased Barefoot ( I believe, not sure about the dates though).

I am not sure how much one can do with the available stuff from Barefoot (now Intel), that is on Cisco switches, it is something only Cisco could say. If they ever integrated other ASICs I cannot guarantee, but according to packetpushers there is (was) something going on with the Barefoot ones.

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Which SDK/BSP is this for? We have a couple “old” Stordis switches at my friends’ (UPV/EHU) laboratory, so this might only happen in latest SDK/BSP (I guess). I have not installed the latest one so if this is ever true, it might only happen for latest SDK/BSP versions.


2018 purcharse link? imho it was about intel… :frowning:

sdk-bsp: a bf2556 with shipping to hungary for what?! and no i just want a backup u know… XDDDDDDDDDDD

ebpf/xdp: the same features through the same api but in the kernel and not in the pcap… and just use your brainz…

Yep it was pre-Intel.

yessss at least u also noticed… :frowning:

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we’re at this and it bounced basically a day after to my inbox, u know, and my intel contact just said that maybe p4 will survive…

so thats why the threads of mee and me here… so he redirected me here basically from the inner intel forums and his intel email address a half a year later… and nooo i was not an atomic bomb at all there (fingers crossed)


That’s a good question :slight_smile:

(UPV/EHU) hmmmm… u know david franco or asier atutxa there? they know me as the same name as im here normally from their address book… if not, i can email them both if the request arrives here… XDDDDDDDDDDDD

That’s a good question :slight_smile:
42… then as a pro-grammer, a 1-5 line that calculates 42! in the language of your choice… thats why i planned the p4lang emulator running against the chip or the dpdk interface or against the openwrt ssids… XDDDDDDDDDDD


You are indeed correct :slight_smile: those are my friends. I do collaborate now and then with them (also with Elisa from Alcalá, not in GEANT AFAIK). We have used their (UPV/EHU) 2 Stordis switches. I know one is F-ed from a student trying to install Stratum. The other one stays the same.

Happy that you are familiar with their work.


no way a stud can fuck it up from sw…

open up both, you’ll see the “emmc” flash easily removeable…

dd both first to a safe ~/zzz1.img

then repair the old one…

also you can upgrade the flash capacity freely!!!

edit: and start the mailing with all of these guys cc: freertr @ groups io

edit2: basically my weekly shit-in-shit-out meeting is just not opens for a loong ago and i cannot get the proper password for the zoom meetings u know… :((( and the whole team basically shift+dels me whereas kept themself subscribed to the above list… the fuck they’re doing??? nukeing a stuff that already have 3-5 other dataplanes up to 10g/cpucore doing even more than the tofino could???

aaand the fun fact, i just got an astershit switch with the asic and 2 of its 100gs are soldered to 2 huuge arm64 complexes that could stack and do the fun stuff like frag/reasm or crypto in dpdk, once again, stacked… the fukkk u all doin’ dear e.u. r&d users?? this amount that i got half year to half year is far below the geants visibility level, an optical pluggable costs them more and now my local bossy bosses starts to scare me that my 2nd half the year wont be paid , and the 1st half is also wire-transferring for a week or soo… :((((((((((((((((((


I will try to access and reinstall the original stuff but will take sometime, got tons of stuff to do right now XD.

I appreciate your help. I will note down the email too.

Have a nice day ^^

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if you neeed the original full flash content, i can generate a torrent 4 u in 5 minutes…

I will let you know if I need the content, do not worry.

I would be more worried about your payments than my data.

Take care,


no worries, i have the original flash before and after the flash upgrade… XDDDDDDDDDDDDD (same ~/zzz1.img but bigger… u know… XDDDDDD)

just just dont nuke the boxes physically… upgrade and repartition a bigger flash…

also i have the upgrade bios and a debian installer that can upgraded up to debian11 and runs the sdk natively with the portmap.json but without the first some “gearbox” ports… i also have the gearbox stuff but here its uninteresting anymore as i got the stordis bf6064 by mail… XDDDDDDDDDD

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