Anybody with any info about any chipmaker except intel/barefoot?!

okkkk ive sent an invitation for them right now… (normally i do this in december-january after the yearly contract start) to the last years new email addresses… this year seems to be a bit different, so my local bossies and the french team leader feels the control u know…

“you’ll get a cake when you reach your 100th birthday”

edit: at that point u know… and there was a sudden death in the wider family this week… :((((( the black trash can remains for a month or so on the street… :(((( ← but this one just about the mood, dont 42! this one too much pls pls pls…

Cisco did sell boxes with Tofino ASICs in them at one point, but I believe they stopped doing so before Intel acquired Barefoot Networks.

Cisco acquired Leaba Semiconductor some time after this announcement was made: Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Leaba Semiconductor - Cisco Blogs.

Leaba designed the silicon and a lot of the low level software that runs Cisco Silicon One products.

All of the statements above I am very confident about. All of the statements below I have not confirmed myself, but have heard from sources who should know.

I have heard that:

  • Cisco Silicon One is P4 programmable
  • for special-enough customers, they enable the customer to write their own P4 programs
  • for most customers of Cisco Silicon One products, Cisco engineers write the P4 code and a lot of the control plane software on top of that.
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kina autobbot reply… ctrl+f p4 on the silicon one datasheet from me

then google ? q = “p4 programmable”

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{with_ the quotes, without them u know

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now reread the above, vlad @ intel said ci$co never ordered a single tofino unit. all that it can do on the nexus is that it had some spare bytes in the “nontofino.bin” and if the compiler can fit the program then it’ll boot up the “nontofino” on the next power cycle.

my conspiracy theory here is that a p4lang–>nplang transpiler is working in the background… recall nplang have at least one feature that p4lang does not have and thats clearly visible on as a png of a 5-10 loc npu/asic code…

now have a good morning, try breathe while you slippin’ your coffee…

edit; regarding the unsure parts, i’ll keep you posted, a partner nren ordered 4 x ciscio8001 and they can download the emulatior with the sdk, linked above somewhere… lemme copy-paste myself on thisss, i cant stop pinging my local cisco sales representatives to lemme have the torrent seed for a day… afterwards, u know…



a permalink: Reddit - Dive into anything

yet another: Reddit - Dive into anything

and well not just the c7600, but the c3660 still can boot bugos and run tetris… thats the reason for the mips port… the ppc port… hmmm… cannot / shouldnt recall… XDDD

I am not claiming that Cisco sold very many boxes with Tofino ASICs in them, but I don’t think Cisco publishes documentation on how to use a system until it is offered for sale: Cisco Nexus 9000 Series NX-OS Programmability Guide, Release 9.3(x) - Barefoot Shell [Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches] - Cisco

Also you can find a few hits on eBay for the search “Cisco Nexus 34180YC” for sale.

And Barefoot had to give Cisco at least a few boxes for internal development and testing before they were offered for sale, but maybe Barefoot was happy to give those away.

once again, i have the astershit so im not in a need

these cisco physical boxes with the locked bios are way less interesting here compared the bf-sde-9.13.0.tgz or the planned p4interpreter…

one plus note that nexus-es are switches and 3000 < 9000 so i can guess the price differences… but if you have some spare bucks fire the watchlist and somehow hack the bios of both to not check for the custom grub’s custom signature, imho in 5-10 years all these models will go 4 bucks… XDDDD

also note that bf6064 is also in my mail from and thats the 6.4tbps version of the bf2556 and according the images only 1 plug got damaged, the rest seems fine not to mention the bios screens of the electronic mass refurbisher… (okk i’ll need the emmc replacement but tbh i have about 1-5 spares sooo…)

for these stordis shits, i can even git clone the latest internal stuff sooo thanks for the useful reply…

if you wish we can goto1 but imho you wouldnt…

i just on this for(;1;);;;;;;;;;;

and you also have a challenge with the bgp pcap stuff…

update: tofino3 got a soldering map update in p4 tofino sdk 9.11.1 or something so it smells like intel is not dropping the programmable asic ethernet line for nothing…
in the long run we’ll see if how and when a programmable switch surrounding the asic arrives…

in the meanwhile im fighting the ad-mins @ addr(r)renaline-max here and there XDDDDDDDDDD