About the Applications Working Group category

The Applications Working Group supports innovative data-plane applications using P4.

Application Working Group charter and repository.

The P4 development environment is maturing. These applications will change the way people design, build, and run their networks, as well as their compute and storage infrastructure. In addition, these applications will be key drivers for future enhancements to the P4 language, architecture, and API. We have already seen some great contributions in the area of P4 applications such as:
• Forwarding-plane telemetry (e.g., In-band Network Telemetry)
• Flow monitoring using sketches and streaming algorithms
• Low latency congestion control
• Big data aggregation
• Middlebox functions (e.g., layer-4 connection load balancing)
• In-network cache for distributed services
• Consensus protocol at network speed

We expect the community to contribute more such applications in the future.