ONOS and P4 use case

Hello all,

I try to find a subject that uses ONOS and P4 in order to do my diploma thesis. I am open to different domains about it from 5G to DPI, but i can’t find a specific feasible scenario to make it happen.

So I kindly ask from someone a little guidance about what use case it would a good diploma thesis related to ONOS and P4.

Any help is more than welcome!

Thanks in advnace.

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Hi @ppavlidis,

Now a day an hot topic in the P4 community are SMART NICs, so the environment is 5G and Data Center. Unfortuntelly, till now , it is all in the early stages of development.
Feasible projects for ONOS+P4 can be:

Could you please be more specific? I found the SD-Fabric project but i am not sure if can do something with it without hardware requirements. As far as I know there is the bmv2 software switch that supports P4.