Slack - Where can I find a link?

Hi there.
Where can I found p4 community slack link?



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Thanks for replying.

Isn’t there another slack? P4-lang community or something like that

Actually, p4-dev is integrated within the ONF community.


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There is an ONF Slack community link that you can find on under the “Community” menu in the top right, menu item named “Slack”. It has one channel called “p4-dev” dedicated for P4-related discussions, but there are also people there asking questions about other ONF projects unrelated to P4.

There is nother Slack community named just “p4” that as far as I know is not linked to from anywhere on web site, and I do not have a link handy to join that one right now, but will ask someone who likely knows how to join that one.

Both of them have had fairly low message traffic for a while, but there are occasionally P4-related discussions on each of them.

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Here is the link to the Slack community named “p4”, which is a different one than the Slack community named “ONF Community” that you find on the web site: Slack