Now, I am working on the connection of ONOS+Stratum+P4。Firstly,I import the ONOS source code into IntelliJ IDEA,In the apps directory, I created my own app, then used bazel to compile and run it, and generated a package with the suffix .oar。Secondly,I installed this app in ONOS and activated it,At the same time, I started running Stratum on the P4 switch(Wedge 100BF-barefoot tofino),Thirdly,I wrote the netcfg.json file and sent it to ONOS,In the ONOS CLI, it is found that the device is false.The following is the code of netcfg.json and the picture of the device situation:
“devices”: {
“device:OpenMesh-switch”: {
“basic”: {
“managementAddress”: “grpc://”,
“driver”: “stratum”,
“pipeconf”: “org.onosproject.fabric.tofino”

I don’t know what went wrong, thank you all for your answers!

I have little knowledge of ONOS, so hopefully someone else can give a more detailed answer if they know. I noticed the Tofino aspect of your question, and it is not clear to me if your issue is Tofino-specific. If it is, I wanted to point out these other sources of Tofino-specific information: Tofino, TNA, and P4Studio questions

Hi @guxiaofei,

  • are you loaded the fabric-tna pipeline in onos?

  • because at first singth “pipeconf”: “org.onosproject.fabric.tofino” seems a strange app to me. I mean, I’m not aware of a pipeline called like that. This should be the correct pipeline name org.stratumproject.fabric.montara_sde_9_7_0 and is referred to this project GitHub - stratum/fabric-tna: The SD-Fabric data plane


There is another problem, the driver of the app is “stratum-tofino”, but there is only driver"stratum" in ONOS,which is very strange!

Hi @guxiaofei, stratum app is correct I checked. If you activate the barefoot driver automatically they activate the stratum app.