Number of pipelines for different models

Hello all,

I tried to find this answer through the documentation but didn’t succeed to have a clear answer.

The number of pipelines for PSA is 4. This is defined in the specification. However, I am wondering home many pipelines v1model has. I read somewhere that it is 2. That is correct? If yes, where such info is defined?

Any info is welcome.


I believe the number of pipelines in a programmable switch depends on the vendor/target you are using and is not defined by PSA.

Have a look at section E. Appendix: Multi-pipeline PSA devices of the PSA specification:

For programming multiple pipelines, it is the responsibility of the vendor and of target dependent tools to specify how PSA programs are mapped to multiple pipelines. An implementation may use a copy of the PSA program on each pipeline, thus keeping pipelines fully isolated.

If you are using a Tofino, then look at section 4 of the TNA

Hope this helps!