Mininet Integration with a P4-enabled switch

Hello everyone.
I am new to P4 and I wanted to ask you a question. I recently been stucked with trying to create a default mininet python script with a p4 enabled-switch instead of the mininet OVSswitch.I have tried to replace with the simple_switch, psaswitch, and other p4 switches however I continuosly get same error. The error I get is “ImportError: cannot import name 'SimpleSwitch from …”. What am I doing wrong, and am I able to do this or do I need to carry out a different process? I simply want to runa mininet script with a p4 enabled switch and run my p4 file or json file the p4 switch CLI.
I would strongly appreciate your help.

I provided my script as well so you can have a look if you want.


Is this your own environment (you install your own tools) or did you get the VM from the official repository (tutorials)?

Also, do you mind making a capture of the error? I think you “cut” the important part (i believe). You can also copy-paste, of course.