Mininet Integration for behavioral-model

Hello everyone,

I need help with the Mininet integration of the behavioral-model. We have a file provided that only builds a single switch topology. What would be the procedure if I wanted to create a topology with multiple switches? Can we, for example, use the similar Mininet building procedure as in the Tutorials, which seems to be much more user-friendly?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @SpecialGuest

Depends wich kind of topology you whant to create, more in detail with mininet you can create your own topology in a python script but at the same time mininet provides to you 2,3 defautl topology tha are linear, tree and torous.
You can take a look to this script to wirte you own mininet topology tutorials/ at master · p4lang/tutorials · GitHub



Thank you for your reply!

Can you please elaborate on the arguments? I need clarification about which file corresponds to the specific function argument (especially –manifest and –target arguments).

Do these files somehow correspond to JSON files as in the Tutorials, for example:

  • JSON file of our original P4 program (compiled as explained in the behavioral-model);
  • JSON file of the topology;
  • JSON file(s) of the specific switches.

Nevertheless, I am having trouble starting the script.

Thank you again.

P.S. I can run the original script just fine.

Hi @SpecialGuest

I never use it, but i think that you can do reverse engineer on this file that is the one that handel the command make run used in the various execises