Managing Egress queue priority

Hello guys,

I am new in P4, and I would like to manage outgoing Egress packets priorities using P4 (on raspberryPI : P4PI).
So I m wondering how to access Egress queue of a certain port and manage packets orders in it.


Today, bmv2 by default supports only one FIFO packet queue per output port.

It does have source code that supports multiple FIFO packet queues per output port, with packet scheduling to choose which packet to transmit next to that output port from among those FIFO queues. This issue links to another issue showing how to do the source code changes, if you are interested in doing that.

The issue seems to me like a reasonably good beginner or at least not too far from beginner difficulty issue in enhancing bmv2 so that this feature can be enabled without recompiling the code: Consider making it a command line option to enable priority queues · Issue #1065 · p4lang/behavioral-model · GitHub