IPsec support for DPDK backend

The recently ended DPDK userspace summit had a talk on DPDK IPsec offload use-case for P4 by Cristian and Radu from Intel.

Am interested in knowing about this case. So wanted to know if we need a Supporting Intel hardware (QAT assisted) to try this ? Or if its a software based IPsec offload, then can we try this on any X86 box ?
Also are the sources for ipsec extern implementation available in the git ? I couldn’t find it .


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At least some partial answer to your questions:

  1. DPDK has a software crypto library as well as QAT crypto support.

  2. The sources for the ipsec extern should be available in the p4c-dpdk back end compiler within this project GitHub - p4lang/p4c: P4_16 reference compiler

The P4 header-file definition of an extern object called ipsec_accelerator can be found here: https://github.com/p4lang/p4c/blob/d785e242fc4a75c8bcb1b8c19fd7c74b7940d3e1/p4include/dpdk/pna.p4#L516

You can search for all occurrences of strings like “ipsec” and “ipsec_accelerator” in all files of the p4lang/p4c repository to find other places where it is mentioned.

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