I have a question whether OpenDaylight can connect to the p4 switch?

Do you know anything? thank

Hi @lq1

I remember there was some work from ZTE devs that you can track here P4 Plugin - OpenDaylight - ODL Confluence.

I am not sure if the development of OpenDaylight and P4 has gone as far as supporting Stratum or the latest P4Runtime release. But you can ask that in the ODL forums (if they have any) or the Slack channel that they publish in their website.


Does ONOS have an official website or tutorial? May I have it, thank you!

Hi @lq1 ,

Your best option is the GitHub - opennetworkinglab/ngsdn-tutorial: Hands-on tutorial to learn the building blocks of the Next-Gen SDN architecture . This tutorial has a great variety of exercises and should work to initiate you in the task. Be sure to make the exercises yourself without checking the solutions and you will leanr a little bit.

You can download the pre-built VM form the tutorial or probably your own. If you download and import the VM, make sure you pull from the repository once you start the VM and get to the tutorial folder with the terminal.