Getting VLAN functionality on P4Pi


I have recently started working on P4Pi. So far I could make progress in converting the device to l3router which can send TCP, UDP traffic from my computer, which is connected to the Pi 4 WiFi access point, to an internal bridge connected to one of the virtual ethernet ports of the switch.

Next, I am trying to add VLAw support to the P4Pi. I intend to slice the devices connected to the WiFi AP of Pi 4. For example, assume there 6 devices connected to the same WiFi access point and I need to divide them into two different virtual networks while avoiding communication between the two virtual networks. Since I am a bit new to HW-level network implementation, I am not sure whether this is a doable task.

I have noticed that, with commercial switches, adding vlang tag to the ethernet header, we can have VLAN implementation with P4. However, if someone can give a couple of guidelines on how such implementation can be done in my use case, mentioned above, with P4Pi, that would be highly appreciated.