Future plans on accessible P4 to FPGA toolchain?

The concept of P4, programmable data plane, seems very suitable for FPGA platforms. But currently there are only some vendor specific and function-limited P4 to FPGA compilers.

  • Are there any plans to develop such P4 to FPGA compiler accessible for any vendor/platform?
  • Is there any group, working on something like PSA/PNA but for FPGA platform, developing architecture description for future P4-programmable FPGA implementations?

A research group of my university is working on parts of what could be a P4 to FPGA compiler. It is not a goal of us to release such a compiler at the moment, but always open to collaborate with the community. :slight_smile:

There is the SimpleSumeSwitch architecture from NetFPGA. That could be a starting point for a general P4 architecture that can take advantage of the reconfigurability of FPGA. PNA would also be relevant since FPGA are common in SmartNIC. I believe more than one architecture (or extensions to an architecture) would need to be defined, depending on the goal/purpose of using a FPGA in the network.

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Is there any publication available, or work is still in early stage? It would be very interesting to look at!
And thank you for the reply!

One focus of our group is on the microarchitectural implementation of programmable PISA blocks (parser, match-action unit and deparser) for FPGA. Those blocks could be part of a more complete solution, such as what was proposed by P4FPGA, or integrated in a platform like NetFPGA.

Here is some of our work related to that:


Great job! Thank you for the links!