Execute Scripts on Running p4App

Good Evening,

I’d like to have a couple of terminals open and execute scripts on an existing p4App container. This can be either two remote terminals (SSH) or using the exec command.

I’ve tried the guidance in the README (e.g., sudo p4app exec m h1 ) which seems to work with build in commands. For example, sudo p4app exec m h1 ifconfig shows me the network config for h1 as expected. However, I am unable to run my custom scripts using this method. For example, sudo p4app exec m h1 ./recv returns the error ./recv: No such file or directory.

Is there a way to achieve my desired environment?


pidh1=$(ps aux | grep mininet:h1 | awk '{print $2}')
sudo mnexec -a $pidh1 ./recv

Thank you, I appreciate the reply. How would I translate this to the p4App? There is the p4App exec but it seems to not allow for PID handles.