Toeplitz Hash Not working

I’m trying to use the Toeplitz hash function in one of my p4 programs, but the v1model.p4 doesn’t seem to have the Toeplitz in the enum tag. But I found the implementation of Toeplitz in the subsequent backends and frontends, along with the behavioral-model. Am I missing something? Or is there any fix I should do to have the Toeplitz up and running in the system?

Where did you find the implementation of Toeplitz in the subsequent backends and frontends? I am not saying they do not exist, but if you could point specifically at what you have found, it may help determine if they are available for use, or how much work it would be to make them available for use.

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Its already in Bmv2. Need to have this integrated into v1model.p4

Thanks for the link. Yes, it could be added to v1model. Are you volunteering to add it? Or can persuade someone to do so? If so, that would be excellent.

I at least want some guidance/instructions to add it to the v1model. Is there any documentation on how we could add it? Or any blog? Or any relevant resource?. Thanks.

There is a pull request on how a new extern was added to behavioral-model before here: Demonstration of adding a new extern to BMv2 / behavioral-model

Note: I make no claim that this is a hold-your-hands step-by-step tutorial. It is a working example of a feature added to behavioral-model, though.