Running simple_switch_grpc?

I had a quick question I am very sorry if it is basic but I could not find the answer over internet anywhere. I wanted to know if simple_switch_grpc (behavioral_model) supports only veth interfaces? I was planning on adding wlan and eth as two interfaces to the switch and wanted to know if it would work? Thank you for all the help!

Hi @kspimparkar ,
the simple_switch_grp can be configured/initialized like the simple_switch, in other word you can assign to the switch real interfaces.

Hi @DavideS,

Thanks for your reply. Can I also assign wlan to the switch? I was getting a bit confused. What exactly happens when we assign these interfaces to the switch? Do they stop forwarding the packets to the linux network stack and use P4 pipeline instead automatically? What exactly assigning mean here in terms of how packets are processed? Please forgive me for so many questions here I am newbie to this

I never tried with wlan, but I suppose that the switch can handle them. Once the switch acquire the interfaces they “entered” promiscuos mode. All the packets recieved by those interfces are managed by your P4 pipeline, in other word they entered in the P4 switch and they trverse the pipeline according the flow rules that you install.

okay. thank you for your reply @DavideS. It gives me a lot of insight. thank again!