Question about the match kind of range

Hello! I want to know if the length of key for the match kind of range has constraints? Because, when I use a 32bit field, the following error will occur:

error: : Currently in p4c, the table test_0 cannot perform a range match on key as the key does not fit in under 5 PHV nibbles


I believe the constratins vary from target to target (software targets and hardware (ASIC) targets). This seems a question for the Intel forum. Have you tried to ask it there? See a link here for the forum: PHV error on if condition - #2 by andyfingerhut

In general terms, software switches are more flexible than hardware targets, but with great flexibility comes, not as great, line rate processing capability :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer´╝üI will ask the intel forum. Thank you very much.