INT-XD Application

I’m looking for an example of INT-XD/Postcard P4 Program. If there is none, how different it is from implementing and INT-MD program? Does it generate overhead? It causes noises in the network while monitoring it?

Hi @msaueressig ,

  1. The main difference is that INT-XD generate a telemetry stream from each node traversed by the monitored flow. While INT-MD generate one telemetry stream that contains aggregated monitoring information from the nodes traversed by the monitored flow.
  2. INT-MD increase the size of the packets for each traversed node, while INT-XD don’t do that.
  3. If you forward the INT-XD stream in the “data network”, you have new traffic/additional traffic that flows in the network.

Hi @msaueressig,

The INT-XD/Postcard mode is implemented by GitHub - stratum/fabric-tna: The SD-Fabric data plane, the ONF’s SD-Fabric data plane implementation.

We did implement the INT-MD on a Tofino1 and published a paper regarding that. If you wanna have a look:

I see. Very interesting.

They say in the documentation( In-band Network Telemetry (INT) — SD-Fabric Docs 1.4.0 documentation “SD-Fabric is responsible for producing and delivering INT report packets to an external collector. The actual collection and analysis of reports is out of scope, but we support integration with 3rd party analytics platforms. SD-Fabric is currently being validated for integration with IntelTM DeepInsight, a commercial analytics platform. However, any collector compatible with the INT standard can be used instead.”

Do you have any idea which other analytics platforms they are talking about? I mean, what does it generate? a packet that need to be extracted with scapy?