How to add self-defined flow table in P4 switch

Hello friends,

I want to add the flow table defined by myself to the P4 switch. And I want to do that with the ONOS controller. Note that it is not the flow table of forwarding rules, but the table and action defined by myself. I want to seek some help or some related examples to help me complete this work.

And I want to find out how onos sends the flow table to the switch and the role of pipeline in onos application. If there are relevant articles, please recommend them to me.

Thank you!

Thanks to the help of P4 community all the time. :grinning:

I found some onos API documents and learned about the basic construction of ONOS applications and the flow rules distribution process.


Do you still need an explanation or did you find your answer? (the second messages seems like it :smiley: