Generating and Cloning packets

Hello. I am using the open-source p4c compiler with the v1model architecture.
I like to generate new packets in my programmable switch, but it seems that there is no way to do it. (If there is a way, please let me know!).
So, the closest way to generate a packet for me is to clone a packet. I am simply calling clone_preserving_field_list(CloneType.I2E, 5, 1); in my Ingress pipeline. Although I see the clone function is called (“Cloning packet at ingress”) in the log file of the respective switch, I do not see any outcome. I mean, I do not receive the cloned packets or even any sign of execution of cloned packets in the log file of the respective switch.
Maybe I am missing something because I could not understand the session parameter. I just simply put 5 as clone session id!

Finally, I found the answer!
I did not know I have to enter another command (mirroring_add #mirroring_id #port_number) in behavioral-model/targets/simple_switch/simple_switch_CLI command line!
I found an example online to understand it.