Bringing up SipHash in HashAlgorithm

As for my use case need, I implemented SipHash in Cpp. I want to include this in the p4c such that the new programs written can access the SipHash algorithm directly, if wanted. The problem is, I registered the Hash in register_hash function in calculations.cpp. I made relevant changes in the p4c frontends, backends and in the behavioral-model folder. Even after updating the binaries of p4c and p4c-bm2-ss, I’m still unable to access the hash algorithm I implemented, and it throws the error unexpected algorithm. If any one of you has worked on implementing a hash function/algorithm, please guide me through the process so that it can be useful to the community too. If everything goes well and right, this siphash algorithm could be our contribution to the community too.

If anyone of you are keen, then we can follow up for further details.

Thanks in advance.

I believe I have already pointed you at this example in another forum, but I created a post here and will link to it here, in hopes that others can find it, if it helps them. I realize you may be looking for more interactive help with a p4lang/behavioral-model code expert.

Yes, andy, someone who developed a similar thing recently can definitely help me out super fast!
But the comments show that those are outdated. Also, I commented on antoninbas reply and am still waiting for the reply. Issue Comment